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Ergo, Bria brings a mix of hard-hitting instrumentals and playful tones to the Sounds From Underground Festival

NASHVILLE, TN -- an alt-rock group based out of Nashville with a versatile catalog and strong blend of sounds, Ergo, Bria joins the incredible Sounds From Underground Festival lineup (03/27).

Bria McCollum, the captivating frontwoman of Ergo, Bria, seems to be an expert at using her music as a form of self-expression and exploration while still having fun with her lyrics. Her recent singles, Please Gaslight Me and I’D PUT A HAMBURGER IN A BLENDER FOR YOU, are the perfect examples. In Please Gaslight Me, Bria sings slowly over a building bass line, satirically teasing the idealism of manipulative and toxic relationships, which all crescendos in a chorus of big drums and stunning electric guitar. She uses her heavy instrumentals to bring out the aggression behind the cynic words, while her silky voice smooths it over and gets stuck in your head. I’D PUT A HAMBURGER IN A BLENDER FOR YOU, on the other hand, pushes heavy guitar and drums straight out the gate. Bria replaces the slow vocals for raspy screams about fulfilling a partner’s wants and needs, no matter how off-putting (blended burgers for dinner anyone?). Her versatility is on full display, not only between these two songs but within her entire discography. Between that and the experimentation with other styles such as R&B, shoegaze, or indie, there is something for even the pickiest of listeners to appreciate.


Bria McCollum is the heart, soul, and face of Ergo, Bria, but when playing shows she is joined by a group of incredibly talented people. The backing band consists of Kaleb Kinyon on drums, Miles Noseworthy on lead guitar, and Will Gibson on bass. The idea was formed in 2020, and took inspiration from the experience of growth and development. That sense of exploration was even the catalyst for the band name, as Bria explained, “When coming up with the name Ergo, Bria, I wanted my band/artist name to be a reflection of who I am in a way. It’s a play off of all of the experiences and influences I’ve had that have collectively made me get to the point I’m at today. Ergo, being the Latin word for therefore, Bria.” (Bria McCollum). The journey of self-discovery connects Bria with her listeners, and allows her to pull from many different styles while still maintaining her authenticity.

Bria recently played an incredible set at Belmont University’s Pop Rock Showcase, providing a myriad of crowd favorites. She brought the house down with help from her band and Yej Moon and Sav Saffold on background vocals. It was a great preview to the Sounds From Underground set, which Bria described as, “You can expect a wide range of emotions for sure. Since my music is so versatile, we plan on playing absolutely killer, upbeat songs along with angry, perhaps even sad songs. Either way, it will be something for everyone to enjoy.” (McCollum). Along with being a part of the Sounds From Underground lineup, Ergo, Bria will also be opening for Kenny Hoopla’s Survivor’s Guild North American tour on March 29th at the Mercy Lounge, a beloved Nashville venue, and have a new single in the works called, “You Peaked in High School.” Be sure to catch them at the Sounds from Underground Festival on March 27th!

The Sounds From Underground Festival is Nashville’s newest rock music festival curated to showcase the gnarliest alternative bands in the college scene. In the country music capital, the thriving rock scene tends to get overlooked, especially on the collegiate stage. While multiple universities in the area host concerts and live events to promote their student's music, none of these events are curated towards hard rock, metal, or alternative music, leaving many heavier bands overlooked. Sounds From Underground aims to put a spotlight on the heaviest bands Nashville has to offer both to the college crowd and to the surrounding areas. Inspired by individuals in the scene and realized by the up-and-coming booking company Drop Tuned Entertainment, Sounds From Underground is surely going to be the rock event of the year. There is something here for everyone—you don’t want to miss it.

For more information for bookings or interviews for Ergo, Bria, feel free to email them at

Make sure you get your tickets to Sounds From Underground! Hear more about the best up-and-coming Nashville artists only at The Tower.

Check out Ergo, Bria's podcast interview with Maddie Samuelson here.

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