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About Us


The Tower Music is a student-centered publishing and promotional organization. The Tower Music promotes any and all collegiate-level artists with their upcoming events and career milestones. Using a team of young entertainment industry professionals, we focus on promoting new releases, events, live gigs, and more for collegiate-level artists and musicians across the United States.

Concert Crowd

Our Story

The Tower Music looks to connect young eager music industry professionals with the up-and-coming collegiate level artists. These artists work exclusively with The Tower to excel in their career and work towards becoming "label ready". The Tower members work towards getting our artists to their next steps in the music industry by creating partnerships with local independent companies and local venues.  

Each department of The Tower Music has their own blog, social medias, event calendars, and teams. The first pilot program of The Tower was started in Nashville, TN back in September of 2021. The program has seen great success after the pilot year, and the Nashville team is working hard to grow their circle of influence by creating a network of independent radio stations, labels, venues, and more.

Our Partners

Partner Announcments coming soon...

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