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Newcomers Keep the Eleven bring the Chicago garage sound to Nashville.

Chicago, IL – Chicago suburbs based indie/rock band, Keep the Eleven will be rocking the stage at the Sounds From Underground Festival (03/27).

Despite only being freshman, Keep the Eleven have made a notable name for themselves in the Belmont University music scene. Whether it was being told two days before move in that they were to play Belmont’s Battle of the Belmont Bands, their biggest show to date, or playing back-to-back nights at The End - the legendary rock club where bands like The White Stripes and Cage the Elephant, idols to the band, have graced the stage - Keep the Eleven has been keeping busy.

Concerning their Sounds From Underground Festival set, Keep the Eleven says that, despite the shorter 20 minute set, the crowd will get plenty of opportunities to dance and mosh. Keep the Eleven will feature solos of all kinds and, as an extra special treat, brand new, unreleased music! Although not a part of a specific tour, Keep the Eleven has a handful of upcoming shows lined up or in the works in the coming months for fans to look out for. Not only that, but fans can expect not just 1, but 4 new singles – recorded at one of the top studios in Nashville thanks to connections from their Battle of the Belmont Bands performance last August!


Keep the Eleven is a 3-piece “garage rock” band that started back in July of 2019 in the suburbs of Chicago, where all 3 members call home. While referring to themselves as garage rock, the band also ventures to and takes inspiration from indie and blues. The band consists of the original bunch; William Laskey (Drums), Reece Bittner (Vocals/Guitar) and Adam Caruso (Bass Guitar). Keep the Eleven started with just Reece and William, whose previous band had broken up, playing a gig or 2 with no bassist until Adam joined that fall in 2019. While all 3 members are writers, William has done production on everything Keep the Eleven has released up to this point (03/24). He is also the first member to say the name when he mistakenly told Reece to “keep the 11 cents change” from his $2.49 drink, despite giving him $3, confusing money with time. The mistake gave the group a laugh and, after somebody joked that it would be a cool band name, it stuck. The band describes their sound as energetic, fun, and powerful. They take their biggest inspiration from bands/artists like The Strokes, Jack White, The Beatles, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, and Cheap Trick. Don’t miss your chance to see Keep the Eleven and experience their fun, jump-around-like-no-one’s-watching set at the Sounds From Underground Festival on March 27th!

For more information concerning booking or interviews for Keep the Eleven, email the band at

Make sure you get your tickets to Sounds From Underground and use promo code, KTE, when you check out. Hear more about the best up-and-coming Nashville artists only at The Tower.

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