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Summer League kicks off the new semester with fan-favorite single ‘Quirky Girl’

NASHVILLE, TN -- sophisti-pop band, Summer League, announces their fourth single, Quirky Girl, to be released September 9th, 2022.

Quirky Girl is a staple in Summer League’s career. Quirky Girl is heavier than what we typically hear from the band, but its “jam” feel and witty lyrics emulate the band we know and love. The song was written by Fletcher Sapp about growing apart from his ex and subcultures. Summer League remembers that Quirky Girl is the first song the band noticed fans singing along too, and if you don’t know the lyrics yet, you’ll have no problem learning after this Friday.

Summer League believes that Quirky Girl is their most requested live song, having requests to be put out since Day 1. A soon-to-be released music video for the single will showcase the inspiration the band took from The Dead Milkmen’s song “Punk Rock Girl”. The single is the first of several Summer League is releasing in the upcoming months to lead up to a new EP in November. After adding Jacob Boyer on trumpet and Jacob Yim on tenor sax/alto sax, the band has brought their sound to a new level. That’s not the only thing we have to look forward to, Thursday, September 8th, Summer League will be playing the East Room with Ben Jamin and James Cole. If you've been to a Summer League show in the past, you know it'll be incredible.


Summer League is an enthusiastic sophisti-pop band, making music you want to travel back in time with. With hints of George Michael-esque vocals, Ultravox-style keys and catchy lyrics like every late 80s to early 90s hit, Summer League has crafted their sound and band dynamic to make the listener feel they are in their own version of Sixteen Candles or The Breakfast Club. The band consists of lead singer and lead guitarist, Fletcher Sapp, drummer, Eli Pforenhauer, bassists and vocalist, Jackson May, and guitarist, vocalist and keyboardist, Reed Jenkins. The boys met back in their freshman year at Belmont University but the thought of starting Summer League didn’t happen until late August/early September of 2021. Since then, the band has played some incredible shows and are known for their great energy and crowd interaction. Summer League is a feel-good band with an incredible live show.

For more information for bookings or interviews for Summer League, feel free to DM them @summerleagueband.

Make sure to listen to Quirky Girl September 9th, and keep up with Summer League on The Tower.


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