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Hana Eid “Let Down” Press Release

Photography by Elizabeth Marsh

NASHVILLE, TN -- Singer-songwriter Hana Eid new single “Let Down” out on December 9th, 2022. LISTEN HERE

“Let Down” is an upbeat indie rock song about self-sabotaging in relationships and setting yourself up to get let down. It’s full of driving guitars, reverberated vocals, and punchy drums. It’s fun in its instrumentation, yet reflective in lyrics, and her melancholy vocals set the tone for the song. We can feel the tension of the song build up at the end as we are launched into a full atmosphere of distorted guitars, crash cymbals, bass, and Hana’s edgy delivery of her lyrics. She’s been performing “Let Down” at her recent shows and it’s been very well received by the audience- she just played a show on December 1st at The End with Girl’s Night, Sierra Carson, and Riley Whittaker! She looks forward to having it out for everyone to listen to and enjoy, and if you want to hear it, make sure to pre-save it and listen on December 9th!

Photography by Elizabeth Marsh

“Let Down” sprouted from a chorus melody and guitar riff that randomly appeared in Hana’s head, which she thought belonged to an already-existing song. A few days later, after searching through Spotify and determining it wasn’t, she decided to sit down and write the song since she couldn’t get that catchy melody out of her head. The lyrics possess significant meaning to her, and she hopes the audience can connect with it too. She states, “‘Let Down’ is about self-sabotage in friendships/relationships. It’s about wanting to be loved, but setting yourself up to be let down by pushing it away. I think this fear of vulnerability is something a lot of us can relate to and are working to overcome. Writing this song was cathartic for me, and it comes from a very honest place.” If you want to hear “Let Down” along with several more of her original songs, you can keep up with Hana and check out one of her live shows!

Photography by Elizabeth Marsh


Hana Eid is an indie rock singer, guitarist, and songwriter. She’s been writing songs and playing electric guitar since she was 9 years old. When she was 14, she began recording and releasing her music, as well as playing live shows in her hometown of Fairfax, Virginia. Ever since coming to Belmont, she has been continuing her musical passion by playing live shows and releasing music regularly.

“You can definitely expect more indie-rock tracks coming into 2023. I am really looking forward to sharing some of my newer work with everyone. I’m looking forward to continuing to combine both my rock and folk influences to craft a unique and authentic sound.” - Hana Eid

Make sure to also check out Hana Eid's podcast interview with Esther where we talk about Hana's evolution as an artist, her favorite lyrics, notebooks, biggest influences, her 50 song goal and so much more. HERE

For more information for bookings or interviews for Hana Eid, feel free to email her at

Make sure you listen to “Let Down” on December 9th, and listen to it first on The Tower.

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