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Welcome to The Tower!

Get to know us! The Tower is a youth-run internet radio station. We promote 37212 student artists, bands, and musicians for their new releases, events, live gigs, and more.

The Tower covers current Nashville students and music industry news and gossip in all genres of music.

With our Spotify, you can listen to curated playlists made by our Music Directors and A&R teams. These teams design the playlists for their favorite genres so you get what you're looking for. The playlists get updated every two weeks with new releases, oldies but goodies, and more!

Listeners can also listen to our staff picks playlists to see what we are currently listening to that week.

In due time, we will be recording 15-20 minute mini-podcasts for our listeners to follow along with what's going on in the music industry in each genre. So stay tuned!

In the meantime go check out our events page to see when and where students and performing!

The Tower is not affiliated with Belmont University.

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