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NASHVILLE, TN -- punk-rock group based out of Nashville with a alt look and fanbase, Sugar In The Gas Tank joins the amazing Sounds From Underground Festival lineup (03/27).

When asked about the coolest thing to happen since starting the band, the answer was pretty easy. As mentioned in a previous Tower Write Up dedicated to Sugar, the band was personally invited to open for The Offspring in September of 2021. Not only that, but Vic Fuentes, frontman of Pierce The Veil, commented on Sugar In The Gas Tank instagram post. While getting noticed by Vic and opening for the Offspring is crazy enough, Sugar In The Gas Tank feels that there’s a lot of crazy things to come for them as a band and are excited to see how the future turns out.

To tap into the future, Sugar In The Gas Tank will be playing the Sounds From Underground Festival March 27th. When asked what we can expect from their set, we were told to expect a heavier sound. Sounds From Underground will feature some of Sugar In The Gas Tank’s heavier songs, as well as a request by Evan Lutz to play “Loveless”. (thank you, Evan!) When asked about a possible upcoming tour, frontman Luke answered saying “we have a good amount of new shows coming up, not sure exactly what I’m allowed to say at the moment but we’ll definitely be around”. However, he was able to let us know about a new upcoming release titled “Handbook For The Recently Deceased”, which is stated as a much heavier song for the band. While the exact date of this drop is unknown as of now (apparently this new song also comes with “a lot of weird issues with the session”), we at The Tower will be sure to keep an eye and ear out for the release.


Sugar In The Gas Tank is not just a “rough way of getting revenge on someone”, as vocalist Luke D’Apuzzo puts it. Sugar In The Gas Tank is an emo/pop punk (channeling their sound from the 2000s) band started in 2019. Luke, who was at the time a member of a different band (Open Casket Wedding), started the band with drummer Reece Marshall, leaving with fellow OCW member CJ Christianson to start this new project. While the beginnings of SITGT consisted of Luke, Marshall, and CJ, since then the band has welcomed Jack Samter. Their current set up includes Luke D’Apuzzo on vocals and rhythm guitar, CJ Christianson on lead guitar, Jack Samter on bass, and Reece Marshall on drums. However, while Marshall is on deployment, Ben Vanderlaan is currently filling in the position and, in Luke’s words, “is killing it”. Sugar In The Gas Tank considers bands like Green Day, Blink-182, My Chemical Romance, and Pierce The Veil to be their biggest musical inspirations, and bands they get compared to often.

The Sounds From Underground Festival is Nashville’s newest rock music festival curated to showcase the gnarliest alternative bands in the college scene. In the country music capital, the thriving rock scene tends to get overlooked, especially on the collegiate stage. While multiple universities in the area host concerts and live events to promote their student's music, none of these events are curated towards hard rock, metal, or alternative music, leaving many heavier bands overlooked. Sounds From Underground aims to put a spotlight on the heaviest bands Nashville has to offer both to the college crowd and to the surrounding areas. Inspired by individuals in the scene and realized by the up-and-coming booking company Drop Tuned Entertainment, Sounds From Underground is surely going to be the rock event of the year. There is something here for everyone—you don’t want to miss it.

For more information on Sugar In The Gas Tank feel free to email them at

Make sure you get your tickets to Sounds From Underground! Hear more about the best up-and-coming Nashville artists only at The Tower.

Check our Grace Khrose’s podcast interview with Sugar in the Gas Tank here.

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