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Rockslide is putting a new spin on old sounds with the Sounds From Underground Festival

NASHVILLE, TN – Nashville-based rockers who describe themselves as a “future dad band” will be performing at the highly anticipated Sounds From Underground Festival (3/27).

Rockslide broke out onto the Nashville music scene in June 2021 with the release of their debut EP, Wounds. The four-song project clearly shows influences from classic artists like The Rolling Stones and The Doors, while also emulating a sound similar to that of The Black Keys. The lead single from the EP, Light of Day, is an unapologetic breakup anthem penned by frontman Evan Lutz. Light of Day stresses why exes are exes for a reason and that you don’t owe anyone anything, a recipe for a song that makes you feel like the main character. Rockslide also released a single just 5 months after the drop of Wounds titled Drag Me Down. While it sounds nothing like the 2015 radio hit from One Direction of the same name, it’s just as much of a banger. Lutz’s gritty vocals paired with an agile guitar solo near the end make for a pit-opening worthy song.

Rockslide appears to be tough and unbreakable on the surface, but the four members are incredibly funny and quick-witted. I had the pleasure of not only getting to email them, but sit down with members Evan Lutz and Cadence Hinnant in an interview with my partner, Nikki Carter. They know how to mess with each other, can keep a conversation going, and are some of the few people I’ve met who went in-depth about which Muppet they each were.

When asked about what we should expect from Rockslide at the Sounds From Underground Festival, they put it simply as “a loud show!”. Given the high energy of their music and the killer show they put on at The End, Rockslide’s set is sure to be one for the books. We might also hear some unreleased music! According to Rockslide themselves, their debut album is almost ready and is expected to be released this summer. Paired with a few upcoming pop-up shows that are coming up this year, things are looking up in 2022 for Rockslide.


Rockslide is a five-piece rock band that was formed in Nashville, Tennessee. The powerhouse group is composed of members Evan Lutz (vocals and studio rhythm guitar), Sam Carson (Lead Guitar), Cadence Hinnant (Drums), Jimmy Wall (Rhythm guitar), and Grace Patrick (Bass). Rockslide was started in early 2021 as a project idea, but truly came to be what it is today in August of that same year. The name for the group came from a song lyric and the band ran with it. While each of the members are well-versed in performing different types of music, all five come together to make a sound similar to that of your parents’ favorite rock radio station, but in the best possible way. Rockslide has cited bands like Guns N’ Roses, The Vines, Van Halen, Alice in Chains and Nirvana as influences on their music, which can easily be heard throughout their discography. Don’t miss your chance to see Rockslide and their classic rock revival at the Sounds From Underground Festival on March 27th!

The Sounds From Underground Festival is Nashville’s newest rock music festival curated to showcase the gnarliest alternative bands in the college scene. In the country music capital, the thriving rock scene tends to get overlooked, especially on the collegiate stage. While multiple universities in the area host concerts and live events to promote their student's music, none of these events are curated towards hard rock, metal, or alternative music, leaving many heavier bands overlooked.Sounds From Underground aims to put a spotlight on the heaviest bands Nashville has to offer both to the college crowd and to the surrounding areas. Inspired by individuals in the scene and realized by the up-and-coming booking company Drop Tuned Entertainment, Sounds From Underground is surely going to be the rock event of the year. There is something here for everyone—you don’t want to miss it.

For more information on booking or interviews for Rockslide, email them at

Make sure you get your tickets to Sounds From Underground and use promo code, ROCKSLIDE when you check out. Hear more about the best up-and-coming Nashville artists only at The Tower.

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