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Raviner prepares to grace the stage with alt-metal brilliance at

the Sounds From Underground Festival

NASHVILLE, TN -- an alt-rock, industrial, and dark pop group based out of Nashville with a versatile catalog and strong blend of sounds, Raviner joins the incredible Sounds From Underground Festival lineup (03/27).

The newest self-titled EP from Raviner has high energy from start to finish, and is chock-full of raw, self-reflective lyrics. Kamber Kigin, the founder and frontwoman, said, “For us as individuals, we deeply resonate with various records from all sorts of genres - from r&b, hard rock, 90’s grunge, singer-songwriter, country, industrial, and everything in between.” (Kamber Kigin). With musical influences like Deftones, Counterparts, and Spiritbox, it’s no wonder that Raviner is able to get incredibly honest while still experimenting with different sounds. A few of the songs off of their EP, such as Red and Drown, utilize big vocals and heavy drums to give sounds reminiscent of early 2000’s alt-rock, with lyrics that touch on emotional turmoil and hope for the future. Raviner manages to capture the nostalgia of grunge rock while still making it their own and adding new elements for listeners to love.


If you are a fan of early 2000’s rock, big percussion, and electric guitar shredding, then you do not want to miss out on the Nashville based, alt-metal brilliance that is Raviner. Inspired by transformation, healing, and a sense of “hollowing out,” Kamber Kigin created Raviner in late 2015 in order to explore a darker sound that was starting to emerge from the solo projects she was working on. Now, the band is made up of Christian Nicks on drums, Jordan Armstrong on bass, Josh Maher on lead guitar, and the aforementioned Kamber Kigin on vocals and synth. Raviner mixes alt-rock, industrial, and dark pop in order to create songs that make you want to give a full-blown concert (complete with head-banging, of course) in your car, as well as songs that stir introspection. Their sound is timeless yet accessible to new fans of their medley of genres.

You can experience this firsthand during Raviner’s set, as they will be playing a lot of tracks from their new self-titled EP, Raviner, along with some old favorites. Considering their ability to interact with the audience and shred while doing it, you do not want to miss their set. They also plan on touring in 2022, so be sure to keep up with them throughout the year for those dates and more!

The Sounds From Underground Festival is Nashville’s newest rock music festival curated to showcase the gnarliest alternative bands in the college scene. In the country music capital, the thriving rock scene tends to get overlooked, especially on the collegiate stage. While multiple universities in the area host concerts and live events to promote their student's music, none of these events are curated towards hard rock, metal, or alternative music, leaving many heavier bands overlooked. Sounds From Underground aims to put a spotlight on the heaviest bands Nashville has to offer both to the college crowd and to the surrounding areas. Inspired by individuals in the scene and realized by the up-and-coming booking company Drop Tuned Entertainment, Sounds From Underground is surely going to be the rock event of the year. There is something here for everyone—you don’t want to miss it.

For more information for bookings or interviews for Raviner feel free to email them at

Make sure you get your tickets to Sounds From Underground! Hear more about the best up-and-coming Nashville artists only at The Tower.

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