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PRESS RELEASE: RV! 'The Thing That Kills Me'

NASHVILLE, TN -- the breakout indie surf band, RV!, announces their newest single The Thing That Kills Me coming out on December 3rd.

‘The Thing That Kills Me’ is the perfect song to remind you of a bright summer day with your windows down. The song is light and welcomes healing memories of past relationships. It's a song you can shout with friends driving down a highway or relax with while your legs are covered in warm-sandy sunshine. RV! is adding to the excitement of their release with a release party December 11th. We first heard about RV! through Battle of The Bands back in late august and in case you forgot they pulled out all the stops. Since then, we have eagerly awaited their new music. The Thing That Kills Me is a stand-alone single that brings RV! into their next era of music which leads up to their EP release in late spring.

Photography by (Sam Wilson)

‘The Thing That Kills Me’ has everything you could need to be a smash surf rock hit and we can’t wait to stream it. When asked about the writing process for this next single, RV! reminisced on a vacation they took last December to Miami. Staying in a tiny beach house the four guys went to the beach, played and wrote music all day long and got “into mischief”, and what more could you want from a vacation. The band eventually stumbled across a song lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Jeff Toth, had started about a breakup that was on his mind. Although The Thing That Kills Me started off as a lyrically sad and soft acoustic guitar ballad, the rest of RV! joined in on the writing process speeding up the song, adding guitar texture, and inserting bass hooks giving it their signature RV! sound. The Thing That Kills Me is now a head-bobbing upbeat indie song reminding listeners that “the one thing that kills you after all this time is the thought of lost love”.


RV! is a feel-good indie band. Started in 2019, the band is made up of lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Jeff Toth, lead guitarist, Adam Krodel, bassist and background vocalist, Mitch Krueger, and drummer, Eric Capps. If you like Hippo Campus, Boy Pablo, Surf Curse, or Current Joys, you will love RV!

Make sure you listen to The Thing That Kills Me on December 3rd PRESAVE HERE and listen to it first on The Tower.

For more information for bookings or interviews for RV!, feel free to email them at

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