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The Sunday Alibi kicks off the fall with ‘Make a List’

NASHVILLE, TN -- Alternative rock band, The Sunday Alibi, announces new single ‘Make a List’ released on September 18th, 2022.

‘Make a List’ is a fast-paced, energizing song perfect for jamming out to. The catchy bass riff and dynamic drum beat sets the tone right off the bat, and Will Kuzman’s vocals and Aidan San Diego’s guitar melodies tie the song together. This song keeps you at the edge of your seat with the buildup to an exciting outro. ‘Make a List’ does a great job at capturing The Sunday Alibi’s edgy vibe. They recently performed at Belmont University’s Battle of the Bands. They were one of 4 bands selected to showcase their musical talents in front of the whole school, displaying their enthusiastic and engaging stage presence. Belmont’s mascot, Bruiser, even joined them on stage! If you plan to see them live, expect an unforgettable performance. ‘Make a List’ is a single to be released by the band in the lead-up to their debut album coming out later this year.

Photo by Miranda Musgrave

‘Make a List’ was written over the span of a few days in Aidan and Will’s home state of Maine. The lyrics were written by Kuzman, who was listening to a lot of rap at the time, taking that interest and using it to inspire his songwriting. “[The song] is about making a list… Well, not really. It’s about an argument. I knew I wanted the song to be a sarcastic anthem of sorts. After the lead in the hook was written (“So if you want we’ll make a list of who I’m crazier than”), everything else fell into place. I remember feeling inspired by some rap flows from artists like Wiz Khalifa and Rejjie Snow. I wrote the lyrics with those flows in mind, then translated it to fit into the punk vibe.” Guitarist Aidan San Diego wanted to try something different with their sound. “I remember wanting a song with a more dissonant melody but one that still carried a great deal of energy tempo-wise. We sent the demo off to Comfy and Clay, and they elevated the song tremendously.” The outro is Will’s favorite part of the song- The Sunday Alibi experimented with some weird chord changes over the chorus to give it an unexpected yet perfect ending. They have several upcoming shows in Nashville as well as an album in the works, so make sure to keep up with them on their socials so you can go check them out!

Photo by James Garrett


The Sunday Alibi is a high-energy alternative rock band, but they don’t want to limit themselves to one genre. Its members consist of Aidan San Diego on guitar, Sam Comfort on bass, Clay Beck on drums, and Will Kuzman on vocals. They formed when fearless leader Sam Comfort met dorm mates Aidan San Diego and Will Kuzman at Belmont University. Comfort introduced Kuzman and San Diego to drummer Clay London Beck shortly after. The four clicked right away as both musicians and friends. All four members of the group enjoy a wide variety of music, which has allowed them to experiment with many different sounds and types of music.

“We love this one, and had a great time writing and recording it. ‘Make a List’ has not been in the song vault for very long, so it still feels fresh in our minds. We hope that listeners enjoy the raw power of simplicity that is present in this song, and also get as much of an emotional response from the ending as we do.” -The Sunday Alibi

Make sure to check out the Sunday alibi at their next show on September 28th at The East Room! TICKETS HERE

For more information for bookings or interviews for The Sunday Alibi, feel free to email them at

Make sure you listen to ‘Make a List’ on September 18th and listen to it first on The Tower.

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