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NASHVILLE, TN -- blues-inspired garage rock band, Keep the Eleven, announces their newest single, ‘888’ to be released May 13th, 2022.

Sounding straight out of a coming-of-age Netflix show, ‘888’ is the transition single to kicking off the summer. Vocalist and guitarist, Reece Bittner was inspired to write ‘888’ as a love letter to his long-distance girlfriend. As for the name, ‘888’ doesn’t come from it’s angel numbers but symbolizes the “888 miles away” from each other (door-to-door). The cover art for the single furthers the distant feeling by blending New York streets and the Nashville Skyline.

Throughout ‘888’, listeners are gifted with fun guitar tones that remind you of The Backseat Lovers or Kids That Fly. The happy-go-lucky sound is cut with lyrics about the hardships, difficulties, and somber emotions that go along with loving someone who’s so far away. ‘888’ takes the listeners through a whirlwind of emotions. The song starts out with a more muted guitar sound and clear drums that slowly build up to each chorus. The best part of ‘888’ is its final chorus where all of the instrumentation builds up, like the stress of missing a loved one, then dissolves back into the light summer-vibe it started with. Although ‘888’ talks about the tough times of missing a significant other, the song can be used to find the love and joy of being with someone, despite the distance.

Keep the Eleven’s single ‘888’ is the first of four singles to be released throughout the 2022 summer. With each single having its own separate release, they each have differing sounds, influences, directions, and intentions, showcasing Keep the Eleven’s incredible talent through their diverse music. This set of singles has been a project for the guys since the summer of 2021 and came to a head once they started recording with Alex White on Nashville’s famous Music Row this past winter. Make sure to check them out at The Bitter Jester Music Festival on May 20th in Highland Park, IL.


In 2019, “Keep the Eleven”, was a little miscalculation turned inside joke that would soon become the name of one of the best upcoming rock bands in Nashville. The three-piece experimental garage rock band consists of Reece Bittner on vocals and guitar, Adam Caruso on bass, and William Laskey on drums. The guys met back in high school in their hometown of St. Charles, Chicago, IL, and have been playing music since the summer of 2019. Three years later, they are one of the sought after collegiate-level bands in Nashville, TN. Within days of moving to Nashville, Keep the Eleven was making a name for themselves by playing Belmont University’s Battle of the Bands. With a turnout of over a thousand people, Keep the Eleven left their mark as a fun, high-energy band with great lyrics and an amazing live show. Since then they’ve played 20+ shows including Sounds From Underground and Salt & Light Festival. Keep the Eleven’s incredible live show, beautiful songwriting, and crazy-talented members have made them a Tower favorite. With a home-turf of St. Charles, Chicago, IL, make sure to follow them on Instagram to stay updated with all their upcoming shows.

For more information for bookings or interviews with Keep the Eleven, feel free to email them at

Make sure to listen to 888, Friday May 13th, listen to it first with The Tower.

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