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PRESS RELEASE: Dry Campus Single 'Embers'

NASHVILLE, TN -- Indie southern rock band, Dry Campus, announces new single, ‘Embers’, to be released October 28th, 2022. PRESAVE HERE

‘Embers’ is a fun, dreamy song that makes you feel like the main character in a coming of age movie. The song begins on a more sentimental, melancholy note with Luke Steinke’s vocals paired with soft acoustic guitar, piano, synth, and vocal harmonies. Once the drums and bass come in, the song launches into a lively, enthusiastic feel. The upbeat guitar with chorus effects followed with the keys and layered vocals build up to create a dream-like soundscape throughout the song. When vocalist and bassist Luke was writing the lyrics for this song, he wanted to capture the emotions that occur when you like someone who you’re not sure likes you back. He was inspired by oldies, like ‘Mr. Sandman’, and went for almost a lullaby vibe specifically with lyrics “when the moon comes out and I lay down I think of when you say”. This song started from a jam session that happened before Dry Campus officially started, and they believe it’s the best song they’ve put out so far! Their most recent show was earlier this October at Bento Rooftop with Tiffany Johnson and RV!. They performed ‘Embers’ and combined it with a cover of Amy Winehouse’s ‘Valerie’ and it was very well received by the audience. In addition to ‘Embers’, Dry Campus has several more songs in the mixing and mastering process, so expect more releases in the near future!

”The song came together in full band, basically all at once. The beat became more and more intense, and the ending chorus was a pure expression of release for me, all those words came at once. When we finished the song, we all looked at each other and laughed, it represented a release for all of us.” -Luke Steinke

As of right now, they have some upcoming shows in Alabama and South Carolina, but they plan on playing a show in Nashville in early December!


Dry Campus is an indie southern rock band. Its members consist of Luke Steinke on vocals and bass, Ben Vanderlaan on drums and backup vocals, Hayden Holthaus on rhythm guitar and backup vocals, and Thomas Martin on lead guitar. It started in the fall of 2021 when hometown friends Luke and Ben started having frequent jam sessions with some Belmont friends. Every week, their lineup would rotate until they found a winning combination. Luke and Ben met Hayden in religion class, and Thomas from seeing him play in another band. There’s a lot more coming from Dry Campus in the near future. They have many more songs in the works and are working to grow the band. They’re currently in the process of creating a logo, merch, photoshoots, and more. Keep an eye out for upcoming shows also!

For more information for bookings or interviews for Dry Campus, feel free to email them at

Make sure you listen to ‘Embers’ coming out on October 28th and listen to it first on The Tower.

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