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NASHVILLE, TN -- Indie folk/jazz singer-songwriter Amelia Day announces new single Make a Move featuring indie artist Noah Floersch to be released March 17th. LISTEN HERE

Make a Move is a funk, pop, and indie song that captures the coming of age vibe. It has an upbeat feel, perfect for dancing to, with a head bop-inducing guitar track. The unique vocal melody line in the chorus is so cool and catchy, and it’s accompanied by a smooth synth in the background, creating a nice soundscape. There’s a great blend of all the vocals throughout, with impressive vocal performances from both Amelia and Noah. The bridge keeps you at the edge of your seat as it builds up to the final chorus. The song sets the scene at a party where two people are flirting with each other across a crowded room, but neither of them can drum up enough courage to “Make a Move”. Amelia and Noah play these characters and they throw comedic teasing lines at each other because they both know they’re afraid to ask each other out. Amelia most recently played Make a Move in Washington at a venue called The Triple Door on March 14th with a band called The Cloves as her backing band. With their folk-rock instrumentation, the song sounded a lot different than the produced track- the cellist played the same bending electric guitar line- but it was a blast! Make a Move isn’t part of an upcoming EP, but it provides a great transition into her new project following this release since her music is going in a more jazz/pop direction. She’s in the process of recording the final tracks for an EP with her producer Ross Grieb, so keep an eye out for its release coming soon!

Amelia talked to co-writer Noah Floersch at a house show last December about writing together, and she began with a melody and progression for the verse. They hit it off at their first session and were able to finish the rest of the song virtually. This song is particularly special to her because it’s her first co-written song she’s ever released! If you wanna check her music out, she has a number of upcoming gigs around Nashville. She’ll be playing OURShow’s Writer’s Round at The Well on Music Row on March 23rd as well as opening for Powers and the People at The End on April 4th. Additionally, Amelia will be headlining a show at the the end of April to celebrate her new single release- stay tuned for more details that will be announced on her Instagram! She also has a fun, choreographed music video currently in production for another upcoming single release that will be dropping in the spring!


Amelia Day is an indie folk/jazz artist from Seattle, Washington, currently attending Vanderbilt University. She began her musical journey when she started playing piano at 4 years old, and that later developed into her writing her own songs on piano in elementary school- now she writes poetry and continues to write songs today! With Make a Move, Amelia and Noah were influenced by indie-pop bands like Hippocampus, Dayglow, and Misterwives, while the modern funk elements of the song were influenced by Vulfpeck. However, the biggest inspiration that Amelia had while writing was the album Invisible People by Pomplamoose, which also is a combination of the indie, funk, pop, and rock genres.

“Make a Move is the most fun song I’ll have released so far! I feel like most of my released tracks have some depressing edge to them, even if they seem lighthearted from the surface, but Make a Move is truly just a lighthearted indie-pop-funk song playing off the will-they-won’t-they culture of college parties. I’m particularly proud of the bouncy, scat-like interplay between the chord progressions and melodies, because even as (what I hope is) a catchy pop song, this track goes into harmonic places listeners won’t expect. I simply want this song to put people in a better mood... maybe have a bedroom dance party or drive with the windows down to it!”

For more information for bookings or interviews for Amelia Day, feel free to email her at

Make sure you listen to Make a Move on March 17th!

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