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GIRLS NIGHT brings neo-soul to the future WITH ‘Party Planet’

NASHVILLE, TN -- future-soul band, GIRLS NIGHT, announces their fourth single, Party Planet to be released March 25th, 2022.

If you have been to a GIRLS NIGHT show you’ve heard Party Planet for quite a while. If not, Party Planet is the perfect song to introduce you to the beautiful neo-soul sounds. Party Planet was written by Mitch Krueger and could be a song of the summer. Party Planet starts off with a nasty bassline from Mike Devito, listeners will immediately feel they are getting transported to space. GIRLS NIGHT is known for their ridiculously fun shows with incredible musicians and a contagious energy throughout the crowd and Party Planet embodies that vibe perfectly.

Fans of GIRLS NIGHT have loved Party Planet since the first time it was ever play, which is also the same day it was written! Mitch Krueger wrote "Party Planet" after being inspired by the bassline in Vulfpeck's "Dean Town" and the vocals in Doja Cat's "Say So" (a crowd favorite cover GIRLS NIGHT performs). Mitch showed the demo to the rest of the GIRLS NIGHT guys that morning and during soundcheck the parts just flowed and cam together, that night Party Planet was born. “Using extraterrestrial characters and cosmic imagery, this song describes a utopia where everyone is comfortable dancing with each other. Sometimes, stepping outside of your comfort zone can feel like making a leap to another planet, but you won't know what you're missing until you make that jump. We really want this song to give people the confidence to be themselves and dance.” -GIRLS NIGHT. Not only id the band say that Party Planet is their favorite song to play live but, that it makes you want to get off your booty and dance.

With GIRLS NIGHT’s new EP ‘TO NIGHT’ making its way to listening ears this summer, GIRLS NIGHT has so much for us to look forward to. When asked what the EP was it about and what we can expect they said that the album was about a celebration of the night. “As a celebration of the night, ‘TO NIGHT’ will take the listener on a journey through the many facets of nightlife: eccentric nightclubs, dangerous alleyways, and dreamy starscapes. This EP pulls from the futuristic side of our catalog, so there will be a lot of celestial textures and atmospheres. The songs in this project explore topics of love, identity, and unity while delivering the same danceable, in-your-face energy found in our other recordings and live shows.” ‘TO NIGHT’ will be GIRLS NIGHT’s debut EP and the guys are over the moon with excitement.

In the meantime, GIRLS NIGHT plans on playing a couple more house shows throughout April but make sure to check out their larger concerts too! On April 8th, GIRLS NIGHT takes on The End and will take the stage alongside The PitchPockets at The East Room on April 15th. Both shows will have new music every audience member can dance, jump and party to! If you have never been to a GIRLS NIGHT show and want to know the vibe of their music, the concert atmosphere, and more, you’ve gotta check out Party Planet, the song fully portrays the entity of GIRLS NIGHT.


GIRLS NIGHT is a fun, high-energy, and ridiculously talented future-soul group, making music that just makes you want to dance and party. The group consists of Mitch Krueger on vocals, Adam Krodel on guitar, Mike DeVito on bass, Kyle Germain on drums, Sam Nadler on the sax, and Ethan Thomas on keys. GIRLS NIGHT started in 2019 by a couple of friends who shared a love for funk and jazz music. After becoming regular attendees of Belmont University's house show scene, Mitch and Adam tried their hand at creating catchy, danceable music in hopes of playing at one. Their other-worldly sound caught the attention of Mike, Kyle, Sam, and Ethan who added depth to their music with jazz fusion instrumentation and psychedelic effects. The sextet from space started releasing music and playing shows in 2021 with the sole purpose of making the world dance. GIRLS NIGHT is a must-see band, from their fun costumes and great energy at each show, to their beautifully technical musical performance, they truly are a great and well-rounded band.

For more information for bookings or interviews for GIRLS NIGHT, feel free to email them at .

Make sure to stream PARTY PLANET March 24th, and listen to it first through The Tower.

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